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8.5 oz. Epoxy-Tie Cartridge

8.5 oz. Epoxy-Tie Cartridge

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Teal color in order to be identified as a high-performance adhesive for adverse conditions . Resin and hardener are dispensed and mixed simultaneously through the mixing nozzle . Use with CDT10S 10 oz. epoxy dispensing tool . Shelf life: 24 months from date of manufacture in unopened side-by-side cartridge . 8.5 oz.

Ideal for anchoring threaded rod, rebar and smooth dowels in a variety of base materials, epoxy-based anchoring adhesives offer strength and versatility across a wide variety of applications. SET-XP is a 1:1 two-component, high-solids, epoxy-based anchoring adhesive formulated for optimum performance in both cracked and un-cracked concrete. When SET-XP adhesive is used with all threaded rod or rebar, the system can be used in tension and seismic zones where there is a risk of cracks occurring that pass through the anchor location. It is also suitable for un-cracked concrete conditions.

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