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Sedona Express Digital Food Dehydrator

Sedona Express Digital Food Dehydrator

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Compact, kitchen-friendly design with all-digital controls . World's first dehydrator with a maximum temperature of 167°F, operational range of 77°F-167°F . World's first dehydrator that conforms with USDA recommended guidelines for making beef jerky . Powerful central fan with Revolutionary TST Technology . 11 stainless steel trays, 1 closed tray, 10 year warranty

The Tribest Sedona Express is the world's first full-featured dehydrator with a compact, kitchen-friendly design. Use all 11-trays with the advanced TST feature to get the best results for all your dehydrating needs. From fruits and vegetables, to meats and crackers, the Sedona's central single-fan technology ensures even airflow and rapid dehydration. It is the first consumer dehydrator with a maximum operating temperature of 167°F, necessary to conform with USDA recommended guidelines for making beef jerky. The Tribest Sedona Express allows you to set the temperature and timer using its user-friendly all-digital controls; precision dehydration has never been so easy. Get all these features without sacrificing all the kitchen counter space. Two-Stage Sequential Temperature-Timer (TST) Feature Reduce dehydration time and get enzyme-rich foods with the Sedona's TST feature. Sedona's advanced digitally controlled TST feature allows you to kick-start the dehydration process by starting at a higher temperature (FAST mode) for the first few hours, then automatically switching to a lower temperature (RAW mode) to finish off the job. The TST feature ensures that the temperature of the food does not go above the desired level, and results in nutrition-packed dehydrated recipes every time.

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