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Scratch Free

Scratch Free

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  • $ 369

Lab tested scratch free on all your kitchen surfaces . Lab tested odor free for up to 2 months . Texture changing material; in hot water it get soft, in cold water it gets firm . Ergonomic design is also practical, put your fingers through the eye holes for easy grip, use the mouth for cleaning utensils . Clean effectively just using water . Great for cleaning your hands after a tough job as well

The patented Scrub Daddy is an amazingly versatile cleaning tool for the kitchen and beyond. The highly engineered polymer makeup of the Scrub Daddy has been carved into a smiling face shape, and makes for easy cleaning. Flex Texture means sponge surface will change with the water temperature- hot water for soft gentle cleaning and cold water for a rougher course scrubbing texture. Scrub Daddy rinses clean so it will not hold debris like your tradition kitchen sponge does. Useful both indoors and out. Won't scratch surfaces.

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