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Scrub Pad (Case of 6)

Scrub Pad (Case of 6)

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  • $ 1397

Tough and durable, yet gentle . The brush without the bristles . Polyester mesh covered sponge . Removes dirt, bugs and tar . Use on vehicles, chrome, aluminum, glass, formica, tile, counters, etc.

The Scrub Pad is designed to be used wet only. Simply soak pad in water, wring out and scrub off bugs, dirt, grease, road grime, etc. from windshield, headlights, chrome, tires, grill, upholstery, rugs and carpet. Also great for pots and pans, cooking grills, showers, tubs, floors, woodwork and walls. The Scrub Pad is a must for boaters - removes salt, hull growth, etc. Do not use on painted or highly polished surfaces.

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