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2 in. W x 12 in. L to 6 in. Diameter Straight Register Vent Boot with Adjustable Hangers

2 in. W x 12 in. L to 6 in. Diameter Straight Register Vent Boot with Adjustable Hangers

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SpeediBoot’s innovation allows you to saves time, energy, and money . Simple telescoping hanger arms save installation time and labor cost, and that can saves you 20 minutes or more per boot installation . SpeediBoot 's innovative foam gasket seals air tight at installation that reduces energy loss and saves money . SpeediBoot’s dust and debris cover prevents construction dust and debris contamination from entering the HVAC system during the construction process resulting in improved indoor air quality and energy savings . The pre-drilled pilot holes in the galvanized frame allow for easy and quick vent register trim out installation that eliminates sagging register on your wall or ceiling . Speediboot offers simple and easy installation solutions for remodelers, builders, HVAC Professionals and Do-it-yourselfers . SpeediBoot’s innovative versatility allows you to use it with wood and metal studs and drop ceilings in both residential and commercial applications . Take only one trip up the ladder for ceiling installation, all you have to do is extended the telescoping arms and nail or screw in place

SpeediBoot is the only innovation in the HVAC boot industry in over 40 years. SpeediBoot allows you to Save Time, Labor, Money, & Energy with only one simply installation. SpeediBoot reduces installation time from 20 min. plus to 2 min or less. Studies show that standard HVAC boots take more than 20 mins on average to install including gather all the materials needed. With SpeediBoot you will not need to frame out the studs or prefab steel, buy additional materials, set up saws etc. Simply extend the telescoping arms, nail & or screw in place. You only have to make one trip up the ladder for ceiling installations, It is that simple. SpeediBoot is for Remodeling, New Construction, Do it yourself, Residential / Commercial HVAC projects. The air tight gasket eliminates air leakage saving you money & energy. Studies have shown that a simple ½ inch space in your HVAC system is equal to a 20 inch hole in the side of your house. SpeediBoot prevents dust & debris contamination in HVAC systems during construction, which improves Indoor Air Quality & Saves Energy. The rigid galvanized frame has predrilled holes for easy grille/register installations; no more sagging registers. The mud ring prevents boot deformation and gaps between the boot and building envelope creating a professional fit and boot termination. SpeediBoot also helps meet the Energy Star Guidelines & LEED 5.1 & IEQ 3.1 Credit. There are many sizes & shapes for both residential & commercial use to choice from.

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