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Holiday Stars Craft Stencil

Holiday Stars Craft Stencil

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Artwork size: smallest star: 0.75 in., 2nd smallest star: 0.84 in., traditional star: 0.91 in., star with string: 1.49 in. W x 3.4 in. H, north star: 3.15 in. W x 4.86 in. H . 5 in. x 7 in. stencil sheet . Premium plastic holiday stars craft stencil . Sturdy, reusable stencil made out of a light, transparent 7.5 mil thick stencil plastic . Laser-cut for outstanding precision and detail

Oh my stars! This Holiday Stars stencil will help guide you to a magnificent holiday decorative project! Watch as that plain packaging paper is brought to life by the glimmer of hope, virtue and all things good. What’s that up in the sky It’s not in the sky, it’s on that gift bag, napkin, lamp head or candle holder that you yourself lovingly painted. It fills everyone with the cozy holiday feeling during any winter time holiday. The 5 in. W x 7 in. H stencil sheet yields a .75 in. smallest star, .84 in. 2nd smallest star, .91 in. traditional star 1.49 in. W x 3.4 in. H high star with string and 3.15 in. W x 4.86 in. H north star and is reusable for multiple projects or one large project! We cut all our decorative stencils with a precision laser for a perfect image guaranteed for a satisfying final product. This light, 7.5 mil plastic is both durable and easy to work with and is transparent for guided placement.

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