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Onelink 120-Volt AC Wireless Smoke Detector with Photo-Electric Sensor

Onelink 120-Volt AC Wireless Smoke Detector with Photo-Electric Sensor

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Audible alarm emits low frequency sounds . Interconnects with other alarms without wires . 1-button silence and test . Alarm remember which device started the series . Onelink alarms by First Alert feature a wireless connection so when one alarm is triggered, all alarms sound . Photoelectric smoke sensing technology reduces nuisance alarms . Easily expand an existing interconnected 120-Volt AC system by replacing one alarm with the SA520B . Comes with a 10 year limited warranty

The Wireless Smoke Alarm detects smoldering fires and has a spread spectrum horn tone. This alarm will sound if it detects smoke even during power outages. It uses a secure radio frequency with 65,000 security codes to communicate between alarms, which are perfect for linking alarms on different floors or in stairwells. No wires necessary and it's programmable with multiple alarms for a home safety system. Other features include a test and silence button, a latching indicator that remembers which unit initiated the alarm and smart technology that helps reduce false alarms. The SA520B can be connected to other smoke alarms and offers 360? access to the smoke sensor. If one unit triggers an alarm, all smoke alarms in the series will sound. The SA520B features a perfect mount system for perfect alignment, a low battery latch and (2) silence features. You can silence the low-battery chirp for eight hours or temporarily silence a nuisance alarm. The Wireless Smoke Alarm is warranted to the original purchaser for a period of 10 years. First Alert invests time and research into providing dependable and hardworking products. Committed to innovation and value, First Alert improves safety in and around the house.

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