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24-Volt 40-Watt LED Dimmable Driver

24-Volt 40-Watt LED Dimmable Driver

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  • $ 14853

Includes all you need for both hard wired or plug-in installations . Compatible with standard Triac or EVL dimmer switches . cUL listed . Includes a plug and play 12-port connector block to attach lighting

This is a unique 24-Volt LED Driver that allows the user to dim their LED cabinet lighting at the same time as their overhead lighting using existing legacy dimmer switches. These drivers are compatible with standard Triac or ELV dimmer switches available in most DIY stores. One other great feature of the driver is because it dims on the high voltage side of the current, it preserves the long life of the LEDs it dims. Multiple drivers may be tied into the same dimmer switch allowing the whole kitchen to be dimmed off of one switch.

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