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15-Amp 120 VAC Astronomical Area Code Entry Digital Timer

15-Amp 120 VAC Astronomical Area Code Entry Digital Timer

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Easy to program as you enter your area code and timer adjusts to your time preset program on sunset on and time off program, clock format is am/pm . Scheduling is simple as only 1 Sch. may be active at a time; it has options of Sch. 1, Sch. 2, a combination of 1 and 2 or the zip-set, day combinations for 7-5-2 speed programming . Includes a simple switch adjustment for daylight savings time . Manual override until the next regularly scheduled on or off, automatic operation then resumes . Random feature varies on time +/- 90 minutes each day for the lived in look . Power back up is replacement batteries . High Quality Protection Plan:

The SA300 is a digital switch used for outdoor lighting, electric motors, indoor lighting or signs as a few examples of applications. It features the zip-set for fast and easy programming with area code entry. For manual control, simply press the on/off button located on the front of the timer. You can also use the 7-5-2 feature, which allows you to set times based on the full seven-day full, five-day work week, or two-day weekend.

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