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Four 10 in. x 10 in. "Fun Art 3" by Neeva Kedem Framed Printed Wall Art

Four 10 in. x 10 in. "Fun Art 3" by Neeva Kedem Framed Printed Wall Art

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Square shape prints with frames will enhance any wall at home, office, studio and more . Printed on a high quality paper, known for its strength and stability over time . Pictures were taken in USA and Canada and were printed in Canada . Classic wooden frames that include 2 mat sets: black mat or white mat . Frames can be hanged on a wall or stand on a table . Add character, color and warmth to any home decor . Beautiful photographs of nature during sunset

Neeva Kedem has been a World-renowned Art Photographer for the last 25 years. Her timeless art pieces capture nature's beauty forever; each piece reflects the creativity and art skills that were developed in years of dedication. To make sure she is capturing the most amazing moments, Neeva Kedem carefully chose the photography spots and sometimes waited for hours for the perfect light. Even when it meant to start the photo shoot as early as 3 AM or come to the same place over and over again, Neeva never gave up: she wanted to get the best picture possible from each location. Whether it was a burning hot or freezing cold day, she was there, using her top-of-the-line photography equipment to capture the perfect shots. The results: a stunning collection of fine art photography, presented as 'Imagine squares'. Neeva travelled the world to capture beautiful images; and today, her photos inspire many people around the globe.

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