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9 kW Real-Time Modulating 2 GPM Electric Tankless Water Heater

9 kW Real-Time Modulating 2 GPM Electric Tankless Water Heater

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IHeat tankless S series is a lead free certified product . IHeat tankless S series electric tankless water heater it’s manufactured in complete stainless steel boasting an IXP-4 water proof construction, the IHeat tankless stainless steel construction is a perfect fit for any applications near the ocean, like beach front properties, yachts, small boats, resorts and outdoor kitchens . IHeat tankless S series can also be used in highly sterile applications like commercial kitchens, hospitals, clinics, and even schools where cleanliness is of the highest importance . IHeat tankless S series saves valuable space with its compact size, the S series compared to tank type water heaters, is small enough to fit any under counters installations, or even closets . IHeat tankless water heater saves you up to 60% on your water heating costs, as its patent pending closed loop modulation and also with an industry leading activating quarter GPM activating flow rate allows you to enjoy safe efficient and calculated power draw based on your behavioral use of the heater, using real time data . Water proof construction allows you to easily and safely control the temperature by using our water proof interactive touch pad, allowing you to choose a range of temperatures from 80 degree F to 140 degree F (DOE recommends setting heaters at 120°F) . IHeat tankless water heaters come with an easy to acquire product warranty, we understand not everyone is a certified electrician, and not everyone is a contractor, therefore all we ask for you to have your warranty honored is a simple copy of your proof of purchase and we will honor the Industry simplest and most effective 3 year internal electrical components, and 5 year due to leaks limited warranty . Choose the correct iHeat Tankless Water Heater by identifying incoming water temperature and the maximum flow rate desired . . . . . . Choose the correct iHeat model for your household needs . . . . . . Make sure the model you choose services your household applications

The IHeat S-9 electric tankless water heater is the perfect product for point of use applications or a small 1 bathroom studio in the warmer climates FL, GA, TX, LA and AZ. The IHeat S-9 has can heat up to 2 GPM at a 71 degree F temperature rise easily operate from a kitchen faucet to a nice hot shower, handling everything your 1-bedroom apartment with dishwasher and clothes washer as long as you use them 1 at a time. It’s small enough to be installed underneath a kitchen sink, or bathroom vanity, and since it’s electric you do not need to install costly exhaust pipes. The IHeat S-9 also is equipped with a 36 in. wire to make it easier for your electrical connection, saving you money on wire as well. The M series comes equipped with a digital display allowing you to choose a range of temperatures from 80 degree F to 140 degree F, (DOE recommends setting heaters at 120 degree F).

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