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50 Gal. Terra Cotta Rain Barrel Stand

50 Gal. Terra Cotta Rain Barrel Stand

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  • $ 5477

Works with all Flat Back Rain Wizard 50 type barrels . Rugged design holds up under weight and weather, resists fading, bulging, and bowing . Increases pressure and flow . Allows room for buckets, pails, and other water carriers to fit under the spigot . Makes the whole Rain Wizard system more attractive

Most rain barrels on the market don't fully utilize the water they hold because the spigot is located about halfway up the barrel. This is to allow buckets to be filled, but leaves about a quarter of the water behind. And this remaining water is standing which can be hazardous. Barrels with optimally located spigots don't allow room for buckets and leave only hoses as the draining option. The Rain Wizard 50 Stand solves these issues by lifting and supporting the Rain Wizard 50 rain barrel off the ground. With increased elevation, the barrel can drain at a much faster rate. And any filling device can be easily placed below the spigot without awkward tilting or maneuvering.

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