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277/480-Volt 400-Amp Indoor and Outdoor Automatic Transfer Switch

277/480-Volt 400-Amp Indoor and Outdoor Automatic Transfer Switch

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  • $ 2,17500

Electrically operated, mechanically-held contacts for fast, positive connections . Rated for all classes of load, 100% equipment rated, both inductive and resistive . 160 millisecond transfer time . Dual coil design . Main contacts are silver plated or silver alloy to resist welding and sticking . NEMA 3R (indoor/outdoor rated) steel enclosure is standard . 2-year limited warranty . Allow 30 days shipping

Although the generator creates the power, the transfer switch is really the core of your generator system. It is an electrical panel that allows you to safely connect a generator to your home's electrical circuits and is permanently installed near your main circuit breaker panel. It constantly monitors incoming utility power and determines when a true power outage is occurring, switching from utility power to emergency generator power and back again when utility power returns. Options include transfer switches that provide power to only essential circuits or every circuit for whole-house coverage, and some allow for prioritization of optional circuits or load shedding, such as heating and cooling. By manufacturing our own transfer switches, we ensure they integrate seamlessly with our generators for the perfect system. We offer more options than any other manufacturer to ensure you can customize the exact system you need. Whether its essential circuit coverage, load shedding or complete whole house coverage, there is a Generac transfer switch for your application. With the RTS transfer switch, you can choose to cover every circuit all the time or only essential circuits when paired with a generator sized to your application. RTS open transition transfer switches are ideal for residential, commercial and light industrial applications.

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