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Wired T-HD 1080p Indoor/Outdoor Bullet Surveillance Camera

Wired T-HD 1080p Indoor/Outdoor Bullet Surveillance Camera

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  • $ 9930

T-HD technology - HD video over BNC . 2.1 megapixel sensor . IP 66 . Auto IR cut filter removal (ICR) . 30 IR LEDs - up to 100 ft. night vision . High Quality Protection Plan:

Introducing, the new, revolutionary Titanium line from Revo. Now, you can enjoy HD video with an analog system. Use megapixel cameras without replacing your existing BNC cables or your current Analog cameras. The Bullet-styled T-HD cameras are rated IP66 weather resistant, so rest assured when mounting them outdoors. With 2.1 Megapixel sensors, your video quality is superb. The 3D rotary bracket makes mounting and positioning easy. The camera also features an automatic IR Cut Filter removal (ICR) for enhanced day and night performance. Once installed, the camera leaves no wires exposed, further increasing the safety and reliability of the system. The camera comes with 30 IR LEDs for up to 100 ft. of night vision. 60 ft. BNC Cable included. For optimal video quality, Revo recommends using the highest quality BNC cables.

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