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Advanced Notification Back-Up System

Advanced Notification Back-Up System

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  • $ 44999

Self-tests for power, battery status, float and DC pump operation and powerful DC pump moves up to 2300 GPH at 10 ft. . Easily connects to any standard phone line (telephone service required for auto-dialer function), program up to 5 phone numbers . Smart charging technology eliminates surface charge and brings battery back to optimal levels . Use any deep cycle 12-Volt battery, wet cell (SLA) or maintenance free (battery not included) . Includes connection port for 3rd party security system notification (optional)

RIDGID Advanced Notification 12-Volt back-up sump system provides worry-free basement protection for the homeowner. The microprocessor controller checks for AC power and battery status continuously, then self-tests for float and 12-Volt pump operation every 7 Days. The auto-dialer notification calls any number you choose, to alert you to a problem before flooding occurs. Program up to 5 phone numbers—your cell phone, your neighbor, the plumber. Know instantly, wherever you are, if there is a problem.

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