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120-Volt Inflator

120-Volt Inflator

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  • $ 4099

Powerful design perfect for home or workshop . Fast and easy inflation of tires and sporting equipment . Built in tire pressure gauge . Plugs into standard 120-volt household outlet . Built in carry handle . High Quality Protection Plan:

The RP4100 is the perfect around-the-house inflator-it plugs into any 120-Volt standard household outlet and immediately provides up to 120 psi to quickly inflate tires, rafts, kiddie pools, air mattresses, sports equipment, and more.Proper tire inflation saves time, money, and also protects the environment by improving your car's gas mileage. Thankfully, with the RP4100 you can keep your tires at optimal pressure--just use the inflator to pump up car and motorcycle tires, bike and scooter tires, and even wheel barrow tires. This ultra-convenient inflator can even help improve your game by ensuring that footballs, basketballs, and volleyballs are properly inflated.

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