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Thumb Control Cleaning Dispensing 8-Pattern Hose Nozzle

Thumb Control Cleaning Dispensing 8-Pattern Hose Nozzle

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Dispensing nozzle allows for soap or other cleaning product application . Dial control top allows for dispensing function, or just plain water flow with the turn of the knob . Thumb controls trigger less design, no trigger to squeeze, on/off and flow control with a push of your thumb . 8-watering patterns provide a pattern perfect for every task . Comfi-grip outer ergo coating reduces hand stress during use . Metal, crush resistant threads . Heavy-duty construction lasts season-after-season . Great for washing cars, sidewalks, driveways, decks, patios and more . Leak free, design . Lifetime warranty . Part of the Ray Padula Lawn and Garden Collection

The Ray Padula 8-Pattern Spray-N-Wash hose nozzle is a great choice for both watering and outdoor cleaning. A unique design features a soap canister designed to automatically add the right amount of soap into the watering stream - an effortless way to apply just the right amount of cleaning material before scrubbing. Once cleaning is finished, simply turn the green control knob to "water" and only fresh water flows through the nozzle for easy rinsing. A patent-pending design features Ray Padula Thumb Control - eliminating the need to squeeze a trigger, or push a button. Best of all, with one simple motion of your thumb, the nozzle can be turned ON, OFF, or anywhere in-between. Also works with water soluble fertilizers.

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