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Metal In-Series Step Spike Silent Pulse Turbine Pulsating Sprinkler

Metal In-Series Step Spike Silent Pulse Turbine Pulsating Sprinkler

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Silent design eliminates "ch-ch-ch" pulsating clatter . Heavy-duty, deluxe, in-series metal step spike . 4 selectable watering patterns - the choice is yours . Water deflector varies the water stream from 20 ft. to 90 ft. diameter . Precision engineered nozzle outlets provide a dense, even coverage across the entire radius . Adjusts to any part of a circle . In-series connection base allows multiple sprinklers to be used at once . Great for watering medium to large size yards . Evenly covers up to 5,800 sq. ft. . Leak free, design . Lifetime warranty . Part of the Ray Padula Lawn and Garden Collection

The Ray Padula Silent Pulse turbine pulsating sprinkler on a deluxe metal in-series step spike is a powerful workhorse. The innovative gear driven design provides the same functionality as traditional pulsating sprinklers but with a silent operation. Great for watering larger size yards, the Silent Pulse sprinkler adjusts to any part of a circle, including full circle. Advanced head designs features four selectable watering patterns, one perfect for every watering need. The water deflector top can be turned downwards to reduce the distance of spray, or lifted upwards to cover a larger area. Best of the entire deluxe in-series base allows multiple sprinklers to be connected together and used at once. Simply remove the green end cap, attach another garden hose to lead to another sprinkler. With one turn of the faucet, the entire yard is watered at once, without moving the hose.

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