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Bubblers Adjustable Flood Bubbler Sprinkler

Bubblers Adjustable Flood Bubbler Sprinkler

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  • $ 497

Great for deep watering directly to the root zone . Built-in flow control allows complete flow adjustments to be made at the sprinkler . Heavy-duty construction provides a reliable operation season-after-season . Precision engineered nozzle outlet . Avoids soil erosion effects common with other heavy soaking methods . Leak free, design . 5-year warranty . Part of the Ray Padula Lawn and Garden Collection

The Ray Padula Bubblers flood bubbler sprinkler is designed to meet all of your deep watering needs. The unique construction provides a deep soaking of water direct to the root zone, great for spot watering heavy shrubs, newly planted trees, or other plants. This Bubblers sprinkler features an adjustable nozzle top, allowing for a light trickle to a heavy soaking. With Bubblers it's easy to avoid common soil erosion effects found when using other heavy-soaking methods.

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