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Pink Roses Bridal (250 Stems) Includes Free Shipping

Pink Roses Bridal (250 Stems) Includes Free Shipping

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  • $ 17500

250 Stems of pink roses : 10 bunches of 25 steams each: 1 rose per stem . Stems are 16 in. - 18 in. long : 30 - 42 petals per flower . Diameter when bloomed: 2.6 in. - 3.8 in., time to bloom: 22 -47 hours . Vase life: 8 - 12 days, stage on arrival: fresh closed buds . Great deal and value : perfect for all occasions . Free shipping in the continental USA . Instructions for flower care : . Open box - cut 1/2 in. of the stem - put in water upon arrival, add flower food, change water and re-cut the stems on the third day . All of our flowers come with an absolutely fresh guarantee . Enjoy

Pink Roses Bridal for the princess of all roses. Youthful, glamorous and vibrant, they have a story to tell. For a flower with a lot of personality, a leading option is to Pink Roses Bridal. Just one look can say it all, as if the power of all communication was possessed in a mere glance, these roses will sweep everyone off their feet and set the mood wherever they wish: pure bliss and jubilance. If you want a flower that can impart a special connection then Pink Roses Bridal. Like a relationship between intimate friends, no words need to be spoken, these roses will brighten anyone’s mood just by their mere presence. Make any room radiate festiveness with these orbs of happiness, no potion or magic is necessary just Pink Roses Bridal. Flowers have been attending vital and formal events their whole lives. These roses are sure to be joyfully anticipated at any birthday, anniversary or graduation. Grown with extreme care, we ensure that your flowers are absolutely fresh, in fact, they bloom right in front of you 2-3 days after delivery. Dress it up, your floral needs taken care by us.

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