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Assorted Color Roses Roses (75 Extra Long Stems) Includes Free Shipping

Assorted Color Roses Roses (75 Extra Long Stems) Includes Free Shipping

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  • $ 8400

75 Assorted colors of extra long roses : 3 bunches of 25 steams each: 3 different colors - no red color :1 rose per stem . Stems are 24 in. - 26 in. long : 32 - 43 petals per flower . Diameter when bloomed: 2.8 in. - 4.0 in., time to bloom: 25 - 49 hours . Vase life: 6 - 11 days, stage on arrival: fresh closed buds . Great deal and value : perfect for all occasions . Free shipping in the continental USA . Instructions for flower care : . Open box - cut 1/2 in. of the stem - put in water upon arrival, add flower food, change water and re-cut the stems on the third day . All of our flowers come with an absolutely fresh guarantee . Enjoy

A vibrant infusion for your next grand moment (or just because), these colorful assorted roses are to die for. Pick from a gallant selection of beautiful roses each with its own unique charm and glamorous touch to bring to any space. An instant classic, you simply cannot go wrong with colorful assorted roses. With unbeatable prices and free delivery, this deal could not get any sweeter. From timeless hues such as reds, creamy whites, and pinky colors to exotic bi-colors, we have an inventory of assorted colorful roses that will suit all your floral needs. Perhaps the only thing better than a large bunch of roses is one that has the particular characteristic of consisting of the different variety of beauties of roses so that your eyes may dance upon foreign worlds of colorful splendor. These colorful assorted roses are a must for a fabulous wedding that will have everyone absolutely captivated by their stunning nature. Raised under the best conditions possible, each bloom opens up gloriously and is made to impress. We do not think it gets any better than that.

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