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Assorted Color Roses (250 Stems) Includes Free Shipping

Assorted Color Roses (250 Stems) Includes Free Shipping

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  • $ 16800

250 Assorted colors of roses : 10 bunches of 25 steams each: 4 different colors - no red color :1 rose per stem . Stems are 16 in. - 18 in. long : 31 - 40 petals per flower . Diameter when bloomed: 2.5 in. - 3.5 in., time to bloom: 23 - 48 hours . Vase life: 6 - 13 days, stage on arrival: fresh closed buds . Great deal and value : perfect for all occasions . Free shipping in the continental USA . Instructions for flower care : . Open box - cut 1/2 in. of the stem - put in water upon arrival, add flower food, change water and re-cut the stems on the third day . All of our flowers come with an absolutely fresh guarantee . Enjoy

Hypnotic beauties of ravaging appeal, buy colored roses for the floral purchase of a lifetime. Or at least to truly capture a moment or brighten up a room, these flowers, with free delivery, are stunning and are sure to impress every single time. You simply cannot go wrong with roses. If you wish to buy colored roses, you should be aware that Global Rose offers only the best and makes sure of it due to our impeccable standards when it comes to harvesting flowers. Only those of the richest promise and design may make it to you so that you may buy colored roses with great confidence in the phenomenal quality flowers that shall arrive. You will be more than pleased once you see for yourself. Whether you may be considering these flowers for a birthday, wedding, party, or just because, you can buy colored roses and know that you are getting the perfect touch no matter what. Share the most glorious of gifts that never fails to steal a smile and more from its admirers, roses are to be appreciated.

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