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SCFM High Temperature Air Dryer

SCFM High Temperature Air Dryer

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  • $ 3,26800

Single air-treatment station is easy for installation, operation and maintenance . R-134a environmentally friendly refrigerant . Designed with quality components for extended service life . At a glance control panel dew point indication verifies performance . Stainless-steel brazed plate heat ex-changer

For compressors with a high discharge temperature, such as reciprocating models without aftercooler, RNH dryers are ideal. They provide a single air treatment system that replaces four separate components - the aftercooler, separator, dryer and filter. You get everything you need in 1 unit. The perfect blend of technology and simplicity, RNP dryers are easy to operate and maintain. Best of all, they're reliable. You can count on an ISO 8573.1 Air Quality Class 4 to Class 5 pressure dew point for efficient, effective delivery of clean, dry, consistent-quality compressed air.

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