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1000 ft. RG6 Coaxial Cable with UL - White

1000 ft. RG6 Coaxial Cable with UL - White

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  • $ 8599

Copper clad aluminum center conductor . Gas expanded polyethylene dielectric . Swept tested to 3000MHz (3GHz) . Foamed dielectric provides ease of handling and improved electrical performance . Extra foiled coverage for optimal signal protection . 60% shield with 100% foiled to minimize interference

This Digiwave RG6 cable provides a connection for TV's, VCR's, cable modems, satellite receivers, off-air antennas and other coaxial enabled devices. This 75 Ohm RG6 cable houses a copper clad center conductor, dielectric insulation and layer of aluminum shielding. Its durable build preserves signal quality and still manages to take up only minimal wall space, with its soft and flexible external jacket.

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