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500 ft. RG59 Coaxial Cable with 90% Braid - Black

500 ft. RG59 Coaxial Cable with 90% Braid - Black

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  • $ 5499

Copper clad steel center conductor . Gas expanded polyethylene dielectric . Swept tested to 3000MHz (3GHz) . Foamed dielectric provides ease of handling and improved electrical performance . Extra foiled coverage for optimal signal protection . 90% shield with 100% foiled to minimize interference

This Digiwave RG59 cable provide excellent audio and video quality in both daylight and darkness. They are incredibly flexible which makes them very easy to install and provide high quality images for recording evidence or to help analyze an event. Our cable offers a high braid coverage which maintains adequate shielding against all types of interference throughout the run. They also feature a high quality center conductor, which can provide a perfect signal.

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