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Battery Operated Wireless Inter Connectable Smoke Alarm (3-Pack)

Battery Operated Wireless Inter Connectable Smoke Alarm (3-Pack)

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Ionization-sensor . Radio frequency coordinates with Kidde wireless alarms so that when 1 unit sounds, all units sound . Smart touch button hush nuisance alarms and low-battery chirps . Smart touch button tests operation of the unit and interconnected system . Compatible with Kidde hardwired 1279-9999/RF-SM ACDC . Powered by 3 AA alkaline batteries for continuous protection, even during power outages . Wireless operation for easy do-it-yourself installation . Purchase kidde AA batteries . 10-year limited warranty

Kidde RF-SM-DC provides advanced warning no matter where you are at home. This is Battery-Operated Inter-connectable Ionization Smoke Alarm. This wireless alarm communicates with other Kidde wireless alarms, so if 1 unit sounds an alarm, they all do. Install this smoke detector in a detached garage, basement or workshop and be alerted by another detector in the house. This alarm uses ionization technology. Creates a wireless interconnected system in your home.

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