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Hidden PC Monitoring Software with Key Logger

Hidden PC Monitoring Software with Key Logger

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Easy log retrieval, you have two ways of retrieving the captured log information, the retriever will either securely store the data on the PC for later access or the information can be emailed directly to you in intervals as fast as 20 seconds, giving you near real time updates about what exactly is happening on your PC (although we do recommend longer intervals as your email inbox would get cluttered quite fast) . A screenshot will be taken and sent to you as well so you can see exactly what was typed and where it will even capture multiple monitors so nothing is missed . In the event that data cannot be emailed (example your internet goes down) it will be stored for later use and can be accessed with the USB stick . Keywords, custom keywords can be set so that you are immediately notified via email as soon as it happens, regardless of your email log interval settings . High Quality Protection Plan:

The Retriever PC monitoring software is our most advanced suite of monitoring software. Not only is it both a key logger and screen capturing program, it can also record all audio from the speakers and microphones of the computer and email all that data directly to you. This makes it the perfect software for monitoring all activity on your computer such as Facebook, AIM, Google, and even VOIP and video chat services such as Skype.

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