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4 lb. Expand and Plant Bag

4 lb. Expand and Plant Bag

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  • $ 2499

Patented award-winning formula . One 4 lb. bag expands to produce up to 1 cu. ft. of soil . Easier to apply than any other soil . Ready-to-cut grass in just 7-9 days . Great for all seeds and foundations . Better lawn aeration . Lawn fertilizer is already included . Use this calculator to determine how much product you need to complete your project:

Made specifically for lawns and grass, WONDER SOIL's revolutionary Expand & Plant provides the fastest grass seed germination and is by far the most successful grass seed growth medium. After watering, the granules of soil expand up to 8 times their original size, covering the lawn seeds for added protection, nutrition, and hydration. Expand & Plant is the world's most effective lawn starter and lawn repair product and has the power to grow a full lawn from seeding in 7-9 days. It is the ideal product for natural lawn care, lawn maintenance, and for filling in bare patches in grass fields. Huge savings on shipping costs, storage space, and up to 50% water savings are yours every time you choose Expand & Plant for lawn repair, lawn starting, and all grass field applications. Already packed with our all natural plant nutrient mix and lawn starter fertilizer, Expand & Plant is all you need to turn an ordinary or struggling lawn into a showpiece or to have the perfect grass field for sports and recreation. All of this and with incredible savings, what more could anyone ask for.

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