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5 gal. Re-Dissolver and Stripper

5 gal. Re-Dissolver and Stripper

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  • $ 24900

Ultimate problem solver for concrete sealer . Eliminates blushing or white marks and allows moisture to escape . Heals scratches, peeling, cracks, bubbles, application imperfections and flaking . Prepares surface for a new concrete sealer application . Rejuvenates our existing solvent-based concrete sealers to look like new . Red label white out tells you what kind of sealer was used previously (After applying if surface crystalizes or becomes gummy it must be stripped) . Strips both water-based and solvent-based concrete sealers (May remove release powder on a full strip which can be reapplied with our antiquing powder) . A professional sprayer is highly recommended (Chapin 19069) for smaller jobs an all plastic Chapin 1002 can be used (but it will melt it in approx. 30 minutes) . Use a solvent resistant roller with a single lap motion only . Do not over roll

Red Label White Out is specifically designed to allow you to rework all of The Cement Store concrete sealers. Red Label is the ultimate problem solver for eliminating white marks, blushing, scratches and application imperfections. Whether you are repairing your concrete sealer surface or wanting to completely strip your old concrete sealer; Red Label is the answer.

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