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Red Carnations (200 Stems) Includes Free Shipping

Red Carnations (200 Stems) Includes Free Shipping

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200 Stems of red carnations : 8 bunches of 25 steams each: 1 carnation per stem . Stems are 20 in. - 22 in. long : 30 - 34 petals per flower . Diameter when bloomed: 1.5 in. - 2.3 in., time to bloom: 24 - 48 hours . Vase life: 9 - 11 days, stage on arrival: fresh closed blooms . Great deal and value : perfect for all occasions . Free shipping in the continental USA . Instructions for flower care : . Open box - cut 1/2 in. of the stem - put in water upon arrival, add flower food, change water and re-cut the stems on the third day . All of our flowers come with an absolutely fresh guarantee . Enjoy

For the most part, carnations express love, fascination, and distinction, though there are many variations dependent on color. Light red carnations represent admiration, while dark red denote deep love and affection. We produce wholesale year round in the preeminent climate available on earth. Our carnation collection is grown in greenhouses, using the newest technology obtainable, so quality is guaranteed 365 days a year. Your orders are sent absolutely fresh, directly from the greenhouses to you via FedEx. Globalrose retails wholesale Red Carnations at prices that are usually lower than most local wholesalers. All our red wedding flowers and bulk carnations are cut specially for you, your loved one or special event, 3 days before they are delivered free to you.

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