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Renu-It Junior Universal Battery Charger

Renu-It Junior Universal Battery Charger

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  • $ 1999

Advanced processor control for simple plug and go operation . Compatible with 5 different battery chemistries: alkaline, titanium, RAM, NiCd, NiMH . 4 charging docks for charging AA and AAA plus two 9-Volt docks . Simultaneous charging of mixed and sizes . Completely safe; protection against overcharge, overheat, short-circuit and polarity reversal . LED indicator turns green when renewing process is complete . Renews all brands of batteries . High Quality Protection Plan:

Viatek Renu-It Disposable Battery Regenerator renews (recharges) disposable batteries up to 70 times. The great Thomas Edison first invented the principle of the Renu-It technology over 75 years ago. He understood that an alkaline battery could be renewed, simply, by cleaning the cells. From this principle, a group of inventors developed technology that can reliably and safely regenerate "dead" batteries. The renewing process does not add anything to the batteries; it simply releases the potential that is already there by perfecting the internal structure of the cell. The one unit will allow individuals to save the environment and at the same time, save money.

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