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Double-Sided Microfiber Pulse Mop

Double-Sided Microfiber Pulse Mop

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  • $ 1780

Combines the best features of microfiber mops, string mops and dust mops . Bleach-safe and durable to withstand 100 launderings without compromising performance . Cleans floor 20% quicker than a traditional string mop . Color-coded tabs help reduce cross-contamination

Wet/dry mopping pad is double-sided so you can get your dust and damp mopping done with one convenient tool when used with the Rubbermaid Pulse that is designed to clean more feet in less time. The Pulse combines industry-best microfiber, onboard reservoir and user-controlled release of solution for more efficient cleaning and lower labor costs. This bleach-safe microfiber pad is durable up to 1000 launderings.

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