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Wired HD IP 2.1 Megapixel Indoor Dome Survellance Camera

Wired HD IP 2.1 Megapixel Indoor Dome Survellance Camera

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  • $ 19999

Excellent video quality . 2.1 megapixel sensor . 30 IR LEDs – up to 120 ft. night vision . H.264 compression . Auto ICR – automatic infrared cut-filter removal . 3.6 mm lens – wide angle coverage

The RCHDS30-2, Revo’s top of the line HD IP Camera, is reserved for those only seeking the best video quality on the market, hands down. Featuring a stunning 2.1 Megapixel sensor, these cameras deliver video quality with unrivaled detail and clarity at ultra-smooth frame rates. The RCHDS30-2 can be used indoors, night and day for all round protection for your home or business. Thanks to its powerful 30 IR LEDs, night vision in total darkness up to 120 ft. is achievable. The RCHDS30-2 comes equipped with H.264 compression, effectively doubling your recording time while minimizing file size. Automatic ICR, Infrared Cut-filter Removal, further enhances both daytime and night time video performance. The true power in this camera lays in the combination of its high resolution and wide angle 3.6 mm lens. This camera not only covers a wide area but deep as well thanks to the available detail. Currency, faces and license plates are more readily identifiable with the increased clarity. In the world of surveillance the more information collected the better. The RCHDS30-2 achieves this with its combination of styling, smooth crystal clear video, and 30 IR LED night vision. The RCHDS30-2 makes a perfect addition to any Revo IP Surveillance System.

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