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Marine Fueling Funnel

Marine Fueling Funnel

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  • $ 10900

Standing dock funnel that makes fueling your boat or PWC much easier and cleaner . No awkward reaching or stooping, simply pour your fuel into the funnel and it will travel in a clear hose to your watercraft . Avoid waiting in lines at the marina for overpriced fuel, the gas-link allows you to fuel right from your dock saving you time and money . Comes with easy to follow diy dock or seawall installation. NOTE: Additional hose (3/4" inner diameter and 1" outer diameter/5 foot length and screw clamp must be purchased separately

Gas-Link Marine Fueling Funnels are made from virgin linear low density polyethylene resin. This resin contains UV inhibitors and carbon black to protect from deterioration caused by UV light. The resin offers a balance of toughness, rigidity environmental stress crack resistance and low temperature impact performance.

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