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Protecto Relay

Protecto Relay

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  • $ 9999

Integral transformer powers low voltage control circuit . Solid state flame-sensing circuit . Enclosed safety switch with external reset button, safety switch must be manually reset after safety shutdown . Exposed terminal strip with screw terminal for low voltage connections . Temperature range of -40 - 130 degrees Fahrenheit . Mounts on standard 4 in. x 4 in. junction box . Mounts on standard 4 in. x 4 in. junction box; select models may be mounted directly on burner housing

The Honeywell Protecto Relay provides intermittent ignition oil primary controls to operate the oil burner, oil valve (if desired) and the ignition transformer in response to a call for heat in oil burner systems. Manual trip safety switch lever and lockout indicator light is on the terminal strip which indicates system lockout. Has color-coded lead wires to make it easy for line voltage connections.

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