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Trac-Lites Low-Voltage Silver Gimbal-Ring Light

Trac-Lites Low-Voltage Silver Gimbal-Ring Light

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  • $ 3397

Compact size enables fixture to blend easily into any room and offers a contemporary, minimalist look . Fixture is constructed of formed steel and features a high-quality, silver painted-finish . Includes miniaturized, 12-Volt, 50VA solid-state electronic transformer, offering a low-profile installation and circuit protection . 90° vertical aiming capability and 358° rotation permit light-beam adjustment for virtually any task or accent lighting application

The Juno Trac-Lites Low-Voltage Gimbal Ring Track Light offers a contemporary, minimalist design that is extremely compact and unobtrusive. The silver fixture includes a sleek, miniature transformer housing that reduces the footprint and blends easily with its surroundings. When installed on the economical Juno Trac-Lites system, these fixtures provide exceptional task and accent lighting.

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