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5 Amp Humidity Sensor Fan Speed Control - White

5 Amp Humidity Sensor Fan Speed Control - White

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Replaces a single pole switch for control of a ventilation fan or a fan/light combination . Meets Cal green and CA title 24 requirements; sensor is equipped with user adjustable humidity range set points to set the minimum humidity level at which the fan will automatically operate . Automatic ventilation/air cycle mode for continuous operation with hourly pre-set time outs . Compatible with incandescent, LED, CFL and fluorescent lighting loads . Green LED functions as a status indicator (fan on/off, air cycle mode, manual override) . Use with existing or new ventilation fans up to 1/6 HP, 4 Amp . Compatible with decor and decor plus wall plates . Available in white, ivory and light almond, color change kits available

The new Leviton Humidity Sensor and Fan Control automatically detect excess humidity in a room and activate the ventilation fan to reduce condensation. This helps to lessen the appearance of mold and mildew and provides a more comfortable environment. The sensor uses a microprocessor combined with state-of-the-art digital sensing technology to continuously monitor and manage humidity levels in areas of the home prone to condensation and mildew. It features user-friendly controls to adjust sensitivity, humidity level and time out settings. The sensor can replace a single pole switch and can be used with most bathroom or ventilation fans or fan/light combinations. It is designed to fit within a standard wall box and requires a neutral wire for operation.

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