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Non-Operational Indoor Decoy Dome Security Camera

Non-Operational Indoor Decoy Dome Security Camera

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  • $ 1319

Provides realistic camera effect . Flashing red light with automatic night sensor . Looks just like the real thing . Includes 1 dummy camera dome . High Quality Protection Plan:

Q-SEE specializes in surveillance equipment and security solutions for home and business. Our products are distinguished by their competitive prices, high quality, convenient usability and ease of installation. Whether it's home security surveillance, do-it-yourself home security, or a security digital video recorder, Q-SEE can help you find the right CCTV security system for your home or business. Create that extra level of deterrence without the extra cost or Real Security with the Q-SEE Dome Decoy Surveillance camera. The QSM30D is designed to resemble a fully functional surveillance camera. The non-operational Q-SEE CCTV Cameras are designed to meet both home and business needs and are easy to install.

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