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Black Swivel Rolling Ladder Hardware Kit with Brake

Black Swivel Rolling Ladder Hardware Kit with Brake

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Complete library ladder hardware is for an 8 ft. wooden ladder, additional rung support hardware is needed for over 9 ft. . Upper guides feature a roller style fixture with Quiet Glide rollers that rolls smoothly and quietly on ladder rails . Hardware kit includes 2 swivel upper guides, 2 brake bottom wheels, 7 ladder step supports and hardware fasteners, ladder not included . Great for curved rail applications . Additional rails, rail components and wooden ladder are needed to complete the system, refer to ordering guide specifications/instructions PDF for more detailed information . Braking wheels

The Quiet Glide rolling ladder is a classy way to add functionality to your library, closet, wine cellar, kitchens, pantries or lofts, anywhere you want to reach those out-of-the-way places. With the Quiet Glide rolling library ladder, it is all about choice. Custom Service Hardware provides rolling library ladder hardware kits, rail kits and wood ladder kits. Our rolling library ladder hardware kits come in four finishes, three types of upper guides and three styles of ladder wheels. Our unique ladder rail system is the only library ladder rail kit on the market that offers solid aluminum rails - not hollow tubes. The Quiet Glide sliding ladders are made from the metal-work to the steam-bent handrails. All the parts on a Quiet Glide rolling library ladder are machined or manufactured by American Craftsman.

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