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Tapt 15-Amp Smart Wall Switch

Tapt 15-Amp Smart Wall Switch

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  • $ 5997

Switches can be used to turn standard or smart bulbs on or off . Programmable features within the Wink app allow switches to dim smart bulbs . Switches allow you to schedule standard bulbs to turn on or off . Requirements: Apple iPhone, iPod touch or Android phone; the Wink app (for more information, visit; a Wink HUB or Wink Relay (sold separately); a Wi-Fi network; a neutral connection in your electrical box . Wink App Compatible - Wink Hub Required

Tapt replaces your basic light switch with smart switches that give you one-touch control over all sorts of things. Use it with standard or smart bulbs, or to trigger other smart products. Program smart product and lighting changes depending on the activity or time of day. Ready for bed? One touch could turn off all the smart lights in your house, lower smart blinds, and lock smart deadbolts.

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