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8 Ultraviolet Disinfection Unit

8 Ultraviolet Disinfection Unit

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  • $ 42226

UV disinfection is an effective method to provide bacteria free water for your home or office . Environmentally and user friendly, with no dangerous chemicals to handle or store . Compatible with all other water treatment equipment . Economical to use, hundreds of gallons may be treated for each penny of operating costs . High Quality Protection Plan:

PurTest UV Disinfection Systems is an effective method to provide bacteria free water for your home or office. Ultraviolet disinfection kills bacteria, is safe to use, reliable and chemical free. UV treatment does not change the taste, odor, pH, or the general chemistry of water. UV systems are compatible with all other water treatment equipment; reverse osmosis, filtration, water conditioning, and softening. Simple and easy to maintain with only a periodic cleaning of sleeve and annual lamp replacement. UV systems operate with no moving parts to wear out, which makes UV one of the most effective and durable water treatment methods on the market. All models supplied with flow controls at 30,000 uws/cm2. Units include visual and audible alarms, 30 day replacement alarm, lamp life expired alarm, lamp out alarm,1 year lamp timer, polished 304 stainless steel chamber, flow control included, 10 year warranty on disinfection chamber.

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