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PT14 Pro Mask Blue 1.5 in. x 60 yd. Masking Tape (6-Pack)

PT14 Pro Mask Blue 1.5 in. x 60 yd. Masking Tape (6-Pack)

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Synthetic rubber adhesive . Use on Hardwood floors, laminates and lacquered surfaces . Consistent, easy unwind . PT14 ProMask is made of fine crepe paper for better elongation, medium tack, and conformability . Get the job done right the first time . Creat a professional looking paint job with confidence . Click here to see High Quality's tape buying guide

PT14 ProMask Blue Painter's Tape is designed for superior paint lines, conformability, tear strength, and cleam removal. Excellent for cornering and conformability. It is resistant to humidity and paint bleed through. 14 day UV resistance for clean removal. It is made of a fine, crepe paper with a natural rubber adhesive allowing tape to be used for draping. It can be used with wood floor applications, trim, cured painted walls, woodworking, and glass.

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