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The Red Attractor Magnetic Retrieval Tool

The Red Attractor Magnetic Retrieval Tool

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  • $ 1999

Promotes environmental well-being by saving money, time and retrieving metal harmful to the environment . Recycling of metals also saves natural resources, energy and consumption of scarce landfill space . Permanent magnet is guaranteed to never lose magnetism . Wooden handle prevents possibility of electrocution when in contact with electricity on the job-site, shop or home . THE ATTRACTOR will retrieve items from smaller more confined spaces . THE ATTRACTOR has 150 lbs. of pull allowing retrieval of larger items

The original attractor magnetic retrieval tool allows the customer to retrieve lost metal items such as nails, staples, etc. The 41 in. overall length allows no stoop retrieval. Saves tire blow-outs and leaks by retrieving lost metals otherwise unseen from shops, driveways and grassy areas.

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