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12 in. Mini Sweeper Magnetic Retriever

12 in. Mini Sweeper Magnetic Retriever

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  • $ 3149

6 in. wheels allow for a minimum clearance and easy rolling through heavy debris . Bar sweeper magnet has 150 lbs. of pull allowing for pickup of larger items . Sweeper comes partially assembled at the proper height but can be adjusted to the customer’s preference . Magnet hangs on the axle allowing it to swing . When coming in contact with a rock, clod or high spot debris will not be brushed off

Bar sweeper magnet on 6 in. wheels allows the customer to retrieve lost metal items such as nails, Staples, etc. The 46 in. overall length allows a no stoop sweep of metal objects. Saves tire blow-outs and leaks by retrieving lost metals otherwise unseen from shops, driveways and Grassy Areas.

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