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1/4 HP Submersible 12 VDC Battery Back-Up Sump Pump and Monitoring System

1/4 HP Submersible 12 VDC Battery Back-Up Sump Pump and Monitoring System

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  • $ 49900

Works with any 120-Volt primary sump pump; simply plug the sump pump into the 120-Volt outlet on the PumpSpy controller and PumpSpy will automatically monitor the main sump pump . Automated remote monitoring service watches over main sump pump, battery backup pump and battery status automatically, 24 hours a day . Receive important alerts and status reports via text message, email or through the PumpSpy application; no limit to the number of alert recipients . Automatically activates battery backup pump in the event of power outage or main sump pump failure; system continues working even when the power goes out . PumpSpy sump pump monitoring system includes a high capacity 12 VDC battery backup sump pump for providing primary pump performance when the main pump is not able to operate, a computer-based system controller with built-in cellular technology for monitoring capabilities even when the power is out, a high impact battery case with locking tabs to safely secure the systems required deep cycle battery (not included)

PumpSpy Technology is a unique solution that prevents basement flooding due to sump pump failure. The main sump pump, PumpSpy battery backup pump and battery are constantly monitored on site via audible alarms and an easy to read LCD screen or through PumpSpy's remote monitoring service for a small monthly fee. PumpSpy's monitoring service tracks and analyzes this data to make sure the system is always working properly. In the event of a power outage or main sump pump failure, PumpSpy automatically activates the battery backup pump and if you subscribe to PumpSpy's Monitoring Service, PumpSpy sends a detailed alert via text message, email and the PumpSpy app. PumpSpy continues communicating with the monitoring service even while the power is out. PumpSpy does not use homeowners' Wi-Fi or internet connection. The PumpSpy system contains a built-in cellular data module, just like a mobile phone. The cellular module automatically connects directly to PumpSpy as soon as the system is powered-on, with no configuration required. PumpSpy's remotely initiates system tests on the PumpSpy backup pump and battery at least 3 times a week. Even when there's no rain, PumpSpy makes sure the backup pump and battery are always ready for an emergency. For less than 25 cents a day, you never have to check on your sump pump again. PumpSpy watches it for you automatically, 24 hours a day.

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