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Precision Router Table Lift

Precision Router Table Lift

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  • $ 34900

Lift mounted to heavy gauge aluminum insert plate . Micro adjust thumb wheel eliminates the need for a crank handle . Spring-assist lift wrench makes rapid height adjustment easy . Simple, easy to use lift brake includes 3 self-leveling, twist lock insert rings: 1 in., 2-5/8 in. and a step ring . Adjustable reference scale can be set to zero from any bit position . Heavy-duty aluminum plate is guaranteed flat to within 0.005 in. . Includes starter pin, lift wrench and spanner wrench

This heavy-duty lift includes several unique features which work together to bring true speed and convenience to your router table top. The micro-adjust thumb wheel eliminates the need for a crank handle to make fine router bit height adjustments. When combined with the ability to make near instant coarse height adjustments on the fly, you'll quickly discover just how easy table mounted routing can be. With the quick lift wrench, you can go from routing height to bit changing height in 2 seconds even when lifting the heaviest of routers. The Kreg Precision Router Table Lift also features a Lift Brake, 3 self-leveling, Twist Lock Insert Rings, solid brass Starting Pin and Insert Plate, which is made from heavy-duty aluminum. If you’re sick of bending and reaching and ready to start working quickly and conveniently, look no further.

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