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30 psi Hose Threaded Pressure Regulator

30 psi Hose Threaded Pressure Regulator

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Exceptional control of outlet pressure provides consistent performance over wide range of pressures . Withstands severe water hammer . Available with 3/4 in. female inlet x male hose thread outlet . A unique design that utilizes a minimum of moving parts with a sophisticated diaphragm design that regulates itself in reaction to overall system backpressure . Engineered with extra thick industrial strength sidewalls using high strength ABS plastic and with all joints are sonic welded into a tamper proof and impact resistant housing . Install above or below grade and in downstream pressure . Flow rate from 0.5 to 12 GPM . Inlet and outlet thread: 3/4 in. FHT x MHT . Pressure output range: preset to 30 psi, maximum working pressure range: 150 psi . Maximum recommended flow rate: 12 GPM

DIG’s PR-30-HOSE Heavy Duty 3/4 in. hose thread preset pressure regulator offers exceptional performance of pressure control and is designed for durability and long life operation. Used to reduce and regulate the water pressure entering a low-volume irrigation system, the 30 psi preset pressure regulator can lower the incoming pressure from as high as 150 psi to a downstream pressure of 30 psi at a flow range of 0.5 to 12 GPM. Utilizing few moving parts, the pressure regulator’s sophisticated diaphragm design regulates itself in reaction to the overall system back pressure to provide consistent output pressure within the specified flow range.

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