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Pro - For Laying Down on the Job

Pro - For Laying Down on the Job

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  • $ 5995

Unique wedge shape - Strong support for neck and upper back - 27 in. L x 14.5 in. W x 3 in. - 2 in. D . Safety Yellow - Will Never Leave Behind . Easy carry handle, lightweight; under 2 lbs. . Mold/mildew resistant, Hand-Sewn Waterproof Cover . Made in USA

Plumber’s Pillow Pro - For Laying down on the Job. The PP Pro is a wedge shaped, extra-long, safety cushion designed to protect and support your back and neck from sharp cabinet edges, hot, cold and wet surfaces, concrete, etc. Underneath the exceptionally durable, waterproof cover is our resilient safety foam with just the right amount of support. Originally designed for Under-The-Sink Jobs, Plumber’s Pillow Pro has multiple uses on the job or around your home. PP Pro is a must have tool for Plumbers, Contractors and DIYers everywhere. Plumbers Pillow Pro belongs in every truck.

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