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ET-1 15 ft. Optical Cable - Black

ET-1 15 ft. Optical Cable - Black

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High-performance synthetic fiber . Minimal jitter (digital timing errors) . Smoother, more intelligible sound . Commonly found on cable boxes, TV sets, subwoofers, and various media-streaming devices

The audio frontier is abuzz with the great potential of high-performance HDMI, USB, FireWire and Ethernet connections. However, these relatively recent digital technologies are only part of the story. The Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format (S/PDIF), which arrived in 1983 along with the CD, is still very much a part of our consumer-electronics world. Transmitted through Digital Coax and Toslink fiber optics, S/PDIF connections rank among the most important in electronic entertainment, commonly found on cable boxes, TV sets, subwoofers, and various media-streaming devices. A digital-audio cable, such as Toslink ET-1, can be the single most important cable in your system since all the channels depend on this 1 cable to deliver undistorted sound. Imperfections in typical optical fiber cause a scattering of the light information: Within each fiber, the optical light signal takes many different paths of various different lengths, causing a misinterpretation of the digital data and creating sound that is harsh and unfocused. The special polymer fiber and finely polished optical interface used in PipeLine Toslink ET-1 dramatically reduces timing errors, providing greater clarity and dynamic contrast for a far more compelling and enjoyable listening experience.

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