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PL Amp for H-Series Telephones

PL Amp for H-Series Telephones

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  • $ 12000

ClearLine audio technology . Call volume equalizer (equalizes the level of all calls to the same comfortable, user-preferred listening level) . Phone line noise reduction (filters incoming and outgoing phone line noises, such as high-frequency hissing, making conversations clear, less fatiguing and more comfortable) . Operates on 2 AA batteries (included) or AC adapter(not included) . High Quality Protection Plan:

Plantronics M22 amplifier brings superior sound-quality and acoustic protection to your telephone. As well as providing compatibility with those telephones that do not allow direct connection of headsets it offers a range of additional features to enhance the sound quality of your phone conversations. Plantronics SoundGuard Plus technology ensures loud tones are quickly reduced to more comfortable levels and ensures that the normal, human voice remains natural and unchanged, for face-to-face clarity of communication.

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